Ferry Service Reservation System

Seaways Reservation Software

The web based Seaways Reservation Software was developed for Ferry Service Reservation System and is an effective management and administration tool.

The integrated online booking tool facilitates the booking of and payment for all connections over the Internet.

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The Seaways Reservation System includes a module to print tickets quick and directly on a ticket printer, as well as a online ticket module.

The online tickets can be validated on board with special software.

Backend and Management

Ferry Service Reservation System contains several interfaces for the export of the sales in a accounting software like Datev. The export tool is configurable and individualisable.

The Excel-API allows the export of the sales in an table calculator software.

Capability and performance

The Seaways reservation system is simply to use and manage.

The software is a web-based PHP application,, which can be used on any browser or mobile device. The use of PHP and HTML output means that the reservation system is very high performance and its operation highly convenient.


Ferry Service Reservation System contains an intuitive and sophisticated connection and timetable management facility.

All connections and combination tickets are input and edited with the efficient connection management facility. The connection management facility is divided into various sections, such as fares, days of service, times of service, etc.

Mobile Ticketing

The Seaways Reservation Software includes a iPhone-App for mobile sale of tickets, even offline.

The tickets can be printed directly on a mobile ticket printer. Also pax lists can be generated.