The Seaways Reservation Software was specially developed for Ships, Boats & Ferry Operations and covers all business processes that may arise.

The software contains an easy-to-navigate booking screen for booking the available connections and combination tickets quickly and efficiently.

Quick search feature for point of departure and destination

Direct ticket printing and online tickets

Communication with other reservation systems

Entry of pre-bookings

Various payment methods

Various fares and currencies

Booth mode: compressed view for quick entry of bookings

Entry of passengers, extras, supplements, features and bookability for the ferry connection

Selection of combination elements such as a train journey, entrance to a museum, etc.

Separate login for combination ticket partners

For taking bookings over the Internet

Live authorisation of credit cards

Reminder function

Selection of special promotions

The Online booking facility kcan be streamlined for use on mobile devices, such as smartphones. Field arrangement and the viewport are modified for the lower resolution of smartphones.

Your employees can sell tickets quickly and conveniently on board using the TicketApp.

The rapid booking facility is a POS System for fast and comfortable ticket sale. It is also available as iPad-App for ticket sale directly on the vehicle.


Seaways Reservation Softwarecontains a module to allow tickets to be sent directly and quickly to a ticket printer, and an online ticket module. The online tickets can be validated on board by using special software.

Online tickets are printed out by POS (points-of-sale) such as agents and by customers themselves who have made a booking online. In order to validate the online ticket directly, there is a QR code or bar code that is scanned upon boarding and automatically validated.

Combination tickets combine a travel pass with another service or admission ticket, for example with entrance to a museum, a meal voucher and much more besides. Combination ticket partners can keep track of capacity utilisation via a separate login page and Seaways Reservation Software communicates with other reservation systems to check availability, e.g. hotel, car rental, etc.

The Seaways Reservation System contains a mobile app, the TicketApp, for the mobile sale and validation of tickets. In addition list of passangers can be generated.