The Seaways reservation system contains various interfaces for directly exporting the sales revenues to an accounting system, which can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel interface also allows you to export data to a spreadsheet.

The efficient management tool enables you to update Seaways settings and parameters quickly.

The Seaways has option to set up as many ferry connections as you require for your business needs. It also enables you to build multifunction schedules fare options.The Seaways Reservation Software helps you to manage count of passangers and cargo freight.

Managing Ships

Enter features, Booking classes, Freight size and count of passangers, option of various classes, seat selection...

Schedule Management

Available days, Service time, Price list, multiple currencies /list of ports/stations, document management system

Multi-purpose capability

Running various companies with one installation.


...stored according to authorisation. This enables certain user to control overbooking the ship.

Manage Combined Tickets

The Seaways-software has option to combine ferry-trips/events, which offeres better discounts.

Different VAT rates

Various VAT rates may apply on one bill


The Seaways Reservation Software is an well experienced manageable tool.

All connections and combination tickets are being entered and edited with the efficient ferry connection management tool. The connection management facility is divided into various sections, such as fares, available days, Service times, etc.

The input connections and combination tickets are then available for booking in the booking screen. With the help of the schedule generator, the connections can be displayed at any time on the operator's own website and other pages.


The Seaways Reservation Software has standard forms that can be modified and edited as needed.

The print form templates will be edited in the form management tool, which is easy to use and enables you to modify completely individually.

Special Discounts

The Seaways Reservation Software comes with a module for special discounts, you can manage special offer with an expiration date. Offer package includes certain fares for certain time of period.

This module enables you to set up and define duration of special offers. For example EURO ticket for a limited number of seats can be offered on daily basis or for a certain period of time.