What can Seaways Reservation System do for you?

The Seaways Reservation System is easy to operate and maintain.

The software is a web-based PHP application,, which can be used in any browser or mobile device. The use of PHP and HTML output means, that the reservation system is very efficient and reliable.

There are varius Apps for booking, ticket sale and as POS for iOS at your service.

The template variables of the forms are added as self-explanatory Smarty variables. Using the Smarty engine allows for simple functions and loops to be added to the templates.

The Seaways Reservation Software was developed in conjunction with Adler Schiffe Adler Schiffe from Westerland/Sylt and they have been using it since 2007. The software has been undergoing continuous development since then. It can be individually extended and modified and covers all the business processes that arise in ship, boat and ferry operators trade.


contains an efficient XML interface which links to other programs and systems.

The XML interface is adapted to your system, and customised. The software also contains an export function for Word, Excel, CSV and PDF.