6. Creating a resource

In preparation before creating a resource, you can specify offered equipment under System > System parameters: Resource - Equipment.


Now create a new resource under Management > Resources (in Seaways "vessels").

Be sure to switch to active resource.

The maximum possible capacity (i.e. the total capacity) of the resource will be entered with the corresponding value at capacity: overbooking.
In order to prevent that, for example, an agency can write off its entire resource, you can specify a value less than the maximum capacity of the resource agency at Capacity: agency. Extra values can be entered accordingly for online bookings and employees.

Select here the features of the resource too.

By clicking Apply, the resource will be saved and will appear in your overview.



If you wish to set up a seating plan for the resource, go on the "seating plan" icon to the left to "edit" in the overview.


The seating plan will be based on the total capacity. You can now systematically make an order of decks and rows indicated by the numbering.
In this manner, the seating plan can be designed highly flexibly.
To preview, the "Show Saved Seating Plan" link helps.