8. Customize appearance

To customize the online booking and the forms to your appearance, you have several tools at your disposal.

8.1 Headers/Footers and images

Under System > Headers/Footers you can upload image files in the DMS tab. When you click on the file you uploaded, the absolute and relative path will be displayed.


Now you can add, for example, the relative path in the HTML code of the header in the online booking tab. This header will be displayed when a non-registered user books via the system. If the online booking will be displayed in a frame, for example, on your website, this header will be hidden.

Should you want to make a header or footer for your forms in the entire program, you can insert those under System > Headers/Footers with Clear and Basic HTML as well. Please only use basic HTML tags and tables to design, because PDF parsers often misinterpret HTML5.


It is possible to define multiple headers and footers for your forms. To do this, go to System > System parameters: General – Headings and create the appropriate fields.
These will then appear as extra tabs under System > Headers/Footers and can be filled in. In connection management, the corresponding special header/footer can then be selected.

8.2 Forms and Texts

Under System > Forms – Documents the standard forms can be adjusted according to needs. E-mail templates are created under System > Forms - E-mail; watch out here that the paths always have to be precisely specified as absolute paths.

Database fields for the forms:

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Under System > Standard texts your standard texts such as your Terms and Conditions can be managed.